Winter Closing

Thank you for choosing Seaside Pools & Spas, Inc. to close your pool for the 2023 season!

Please be aware that dates chosen for closing are requested and not guaranteed. We will do our best to accommodate dates chosen, but due to weather, scheduling, and other unforeseen circumstances these dates may not be exact. At times we must reschedule and will strive to be as close to your requested date as possible.

If your pool is not a Seaside built pool, we require additional paperwork and acceptances to be filled out. Please call us at 479-756-6543 or email us at if you do not receive this paperwork within the next 3 days. We cannot schedule your closing until this additional paperwork is complete. This helps to protect you and your pool, as well as us from future issues regarding closings.

Seaside Pools and Spas reserves the right to deny closing services to any pool that we did not construct or provide previous service to.

Save money on your Pool Closing by signing up for our Winter Maintenance Program!

We offer discounts on closings when you are enrolled in our Maintenance Program! Please be advised that closing your pool properly does not guarantee it won’t be green or have water issues when it comes time to open in the spring. A standard pool closing comes with our winter chemicals, dropping the water below tile line, and closing out any lines that may freeze toward the pool. In order to be sure your pool will be easily ready to open in the spring, sign-up for our Winter Maintenance Program (once a month maintenance - unless weather requires more). Seaside Pools & Spas is not responsible for water balance problems in the spring without being enrolled in this program.

Thank you to all of our customers for a great 2023 season!